MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


Shall I recreate the tutorial account then Becca?
It might be mighty useful to those who might want to post tutorials but are constrained by space. It’ll take me no more than a minute to recreate.



As per usual, you are a sweetie. How do you have access to so much web space? And, sorry, what do you mean by ‘recreate’? Please enlighten my feeble mind. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



well considering that he is a belgian i wouldnt be surprised he has 1gbit/s and 100Tb of space :slight_smile:


Lol, wrooooooong. I run a webhosting company. Look at my title, DUH :stuck_out_tongue: I just dont pimp it here cos this IS an artforum :slight_smile:

As per the ‘recreate’ comment, remember I had created it before, but it was not used. Check our initial pm conversations when Nebz tut started.



Go for it baby! Sorry, I forgot chagrin :slight_smile: ~ it might be best to PM or email me when things are good to go, along with instructions ~ you so ROCK!!! :thumbsup:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



who said i didnt look :slight_smile:


i got what you may call part one of the tutorial, i hope neb kept the second half,
PM me the details and i will upload it. i will also speak to him today to get his permission on posting this, but i am 100% sure he wont mine, he has a 56k line so he will be happy i used my PoWerS to upload it

edit : oh yea forgot to add, its not a painting tutorial its a zbrush-max head tutorial, but its very good. neb has a fast method of creating these heads…

he will however do more of these tuts i am sure



If you speak to Neb, please ask him to create a NEW THREAD for this tutorial, as this one is just overgrown.

Ask him to call it: MODERN MASTERS: Digital Sculpting (ZBrush) Tutorial By Nebezial




could have swore this was also a PM… answer was yes


Becca…done! Check gmail :slight_smile:


Thanks QS! You so rock!!! :thumbsup:




Please note that Queensoul has generously made this space open only to me. So if you have a tutorial which YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE SPACE FOR, (please be honest about this) please contact me at:

Please do not contact Queensoul.

Thank you,



wow, so many post damn, no time to read them all:D
anyways, i guess nebz could host his files at


hehe well warpy i actually made that just to show u my method…but now its on lol .well anyways it was my first try with catamsia to record and as u know near the end zbrush crashed, so ill make anew one from scratch. it is not really a tut i guess, more a method of fast modellinf while keeping the polcount under control.and yes that was the main reason i havent been active here

i guess this demonstrates better, it is an early phase of a model…which is allmost done now…now for that tut, there are some issues, 17 mb was a 21 minute allmost done head…if zbrush hadnt crashed it would have been a full 30 minute tut, and the quality is also doubtfiul here, but i think i can upload it from college, they have the cable internet…soo it should work, once im done with this challenge im on ill be back to photoshop tutting…and who knows…i might tke up some other prorams lol…wellanyways, ill arrange everything with my mate:D warpy here


wow this topic is very informative…


well neb has spoken, he wants to make a proper tuts. so i guess you will have to wait a bit before you see his mad skillz :slight_smile:


no problem, i am too busy experimenting on my one and studying anatomy.


I somewhat fallowed(except all talk about brushes and blending) untill this picture:

I seriusly don’t understand what those red lines really are creating O.o…


the red lines signify the light breaking points, it is sort of a map to facial anatomy , and a set of guidelines to point out where the planimetry of face breaks, to point out whee u have the interesting light versus shadow situations, compare the gray one and the coloured one and observe what happens in the redlined areas, i think ull get it:thumbsup:


Better later than never. There’s my second try in your technique.
The Blender tool is extremely usful, I have to admit, I started playing with the properties of the tools thanks to you.
I was working on shadings mainly, sine it’s a thing I have trouble with.
Anyway, there it is:

Very much undone, but I’m lazy and taking my time :slight_smile:
Since I now used your technique, I’d like to thank you once again :slight_smile: