MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


Nebz are you alive?

Maybe the Painter unit scared him away:shrug:


oy whao says im dead…i ve just been makin 3d stuff these daYS…yes there will be more tuts…ill make few this weekend and that is a promise peioe…and about painter…it has cool stuff…it is just a lil too much for my comp…found my 8 demo


Painter 8 too much lol. now 9 is the slow and unstable one. It is on sale now.
Iran back to version 7. Oh yeah is team world domination dead?


painter 9 ain’t slow for me,maybe ur slow ass comp is the problem.:thumbsup: :twisted:

and world domination died right after the cg challenge,no one was ever really interested in it especially neb


painter 8, painter 9 works fine on my computor and i think you have a better comp then me:D


I dunno what it is. 7 just runs better. later on I may re-install 9. But that crash of painter 9 and loosing a whole painting caused me to run to 7 which is more stable.


no prob push,just use whatever one ur best at.

i have photoshop cs but i still prefer 7.0 for sum reason.


People are telling me that the 9.1 patch makes painter 9 more stable. that is good news.

Yeah I was going to move up to Photoshop cs2 but thought no I staying with my Photoshop7

I will change photoshops when ever they make a huuuuuuuuuuge change to the brush engine.


Hi nebz, just wanted to see how your doing and how it’s going with your challenge?
Can’t wait till the next tu, anyways, cya!


Hey Nebz,

Great thread! I love the way you laid out your workflow images for photoshop.

now, is there anyone doing a similar thing for painter? links please.

  • Sam


Here is my step one. What do you think about those doodles. I will try to follow rest of steps :slight_smile:


dude i my computor crashed 2 weeks ago and when i’m back, what do i see? no tutorias, tsk tsk, what have you been up to nebezial?
just kidding man.
anyways i hope to see more tutorials soon:D
oh, nice 3d stuff btw, you sshould make some tutorials for head modeling and texturing or whatever too if you want, that would be cool.



Are you stalking Nebezial?


heehee :smiley: I think Skurai is just eager to learn


:smiley: I was just teasing him. I stalk every artist whose work I admire. Everyone knows that. :slight_smile:


who said he didnt, he did but its 17mb and there is no place to host it… so if anyone wants to host…


Hmm…I might, capital M Might be able to…not sure tho…takers? :slight_smile:



hey rebecca, nice to meet you



Nice to meet you too! :slight_smile: Post more work, baby! :thumbsup:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



i will PM you my site :slight_smile: