MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


Well, yeah i have painter to so i don’t fully agree with nebz:D
I use photshop about 95% and painter5%. lol:D
Right now I am trying sticking to photoshop, but i’ll probaly start using painter someday:D
But not for all the painterly effects:D
I still have to much to discover in PS.


well u cant really call it digital sculpting…r … in my way…maybe …but anyways…it still aint painting…if ur gonna go semantic on me…lets just call it digital influencing on the pixel coloration:D


hehe, it is painting indeed. Digital painting, Oil painting, neardental cave painting… They are all painting, just changing medium and tools used. Just because we have seen the holygrail in nebzs ultrablender tool for photoshop we don’t necessarily have to change the name of what we do… :scream:

And why paint with digital oils??? Obviously, because you like the texture of them and don’t want to get dirty with them! Amen to all the bonus neat stuff that traditional oils don’t have. Undos, resizes, repositioning, layering, Hue, brightness, contrast, saturation control and a long etcetera.

Cheers :beer:


i am here !

with a 512 new ram and a wireless mouse.


hahah wtf?

sounds like a really long book…great haha.


anyways, painter or photoshop, it’s all good:D
i myself am experimenting in painter right now:D


well my process lately is.

-photoshop-sketching in the image,laying in basic flat colours

-painter-painting and key rendering

back to photoshop for tweaks or effects,textures etc.

i think neb wud benefit allot if he tried that work flow,but we all know about nebs pride.:rolleyes:



hehe i guess mine is like yours some times, but mostly it is starting in painter then touching up in PS:D
i think nebezial will start to use painter sooner or later, i guess he won’t tell us until he feels his good enough using painter…:smiley:
Anyways, NOOB, can one see some of your painter works, i would love too see them.


I should be posting sum of my painter work in the next couple of days skurai,just check the wip forum this week.

and neb,seriously u really shud give painter a go,ur work is already excellent,u cud make it even better.


you guys cant resist huh, if one posts then the rest of you subscribers have to post aswell :eek:

anyways, now i have to post…

about your workflow… it lacks, if you are using photoshop only to sketch at start i would seriously consider doing it in painter it has many pencil brushes abilities, its well known that sometimes moving files between painter and photoshop screws things and there are probably tons of other things…


i’m used to sketching in photoshop,mainly cos its easier to move things around,rotate etc when i make mistakes blah blah,sometimes i use alias sketcbook as well.

but i’m trying to get used to sketchin in painter at the moment

my work flow lacks? thats a bit harsh,its jus my preferred way of working at the moment,i’ve never had any problems,when i’ve done print work for books nothing seems to be effected.

and i ain’t a subscriber to this thread either lol.

edit:just re-read,and i’m not using photoshop just for the sketch,i lay down the basic colour too.


oy i did work in painter…it was my first digital program… biut didnt like it…that was long time ago… i would benefit and i m joking bout the pride…the truth is i dont have painter…yet hehehe


heh painter 9 is the s**t.

u cud always download the trial ma frend.

btw,sorry for the super spamage.


finally you told them about you gonna start working in painter and shit:D
finally hehe, j/k, ehmm, sorry for spamming…


well it might not lack lol, but… but…
too tired to think so scuse moi, btw noob with ~2800 posts i could imagine you are subscribing to all the threads on cgtalk :scream:



1.i joined in november of last year.

2.have u ever been in a cg challenge,i’ve been in two,lots of thread posts.


and hey,its almost 2400,not 2800 lol.


lol i was sleepy last night…
face it you are just a big ol blabber mouth :stuck_out_tongue: (one more post whhooohooo)



neb is there anything else u can tut man,are u sure u haven’t covered everything?and what happened to the exotique pic,gave up?



it was a jokey joke you know :slight_smile:
i believe it will take a bit for neb to do another tutor, cross your fingers :slight_smile:


off course nebezail will make more tuts, he’s just been bust, i think…:smiley: