MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


can’t wait!
i love this tutorial, it’s the best ever:D
i love you man.


rebeccak till im done with this first batch there will be like 50 osr more pages… and then ill tut manga and overall comic styles
Skurai yo it begun did u set the blender yet?
NOOB! lol u allways make me laugh mate:thumbsup: dunno really it allways came natural to me


Yeah I set the blender, the pnly problem with it is that it takes time too load when you do something, what strenght do you use?


interesting point about the colour setting on the brush,i knew that wud come in handy for sumthin,now i know what.

maybe i shud start my stuff out in grayscale to begin with too…although i’m not keen on changing my work flow,but i guess i gotta take risks!!!

keep it up steve.


i have always loved working in grayscale first, it helps me think about the shapes instead of color.


Skurai one low on the blender is that it devours ur grephic card i use 100% cause then it turns photoshop into oil on canvas, here s the thing, use smaller size for the strong pressure and larger for featherlike fine blend, ull get it dont worry, what configuration are u using?
NOOB! yeah colour mode gets rid of that annoying grayscale residual uglyness
Skurai indeed, it keeps the mind on one problem


Thanks, I just realised it helped when i did it in the direction of the strokes on at a time.


hehe it takes a few minutes to get used to it but when u do…wooohooo


Yeah I guess:D
so are you writng more tutorials right now, or are you taking a brake?
i don’t care, as long as i know i will get the tutorials sooner or later.


ill take a day off and then its back on:D must get well now


Yeah, since if your not well we can’t get those tutorials, so you go and do so.


nebezial, this is some of the most straightforward, helpful info on photoshop and painting i’ve ever seen! i’m saving it all!


:bounce::bounce::bounce:WOW! so much info for a beginner like me. This is great!


Nebezial rocks!!! :thumbsup:

Thank you for doing this ~ it’s AMAZING!!! :bounce:



he sure does.
congrats nebz, you made it to th first page:D
you too rebeccak.


lol,neb finally got front page for sumthin.

ur status has finally grown.:applause:


Great tutorial Nebz been looking forward to this. I only have PS7 unnfortunatly, but I might be able to get hold of CS dances can’t wait to try some of your techniques out, thanks for taking the time to post, and for being so generous!! :smiley:



luv this guy !! :applause:
I’m learning as I never did, from you and Rebecca :wise:



this isnt ps 8 magic… btw good one, nebezial !


Hey neb nice work! I think yer blender is like Painter’s artist oils dry pallete knife. When you take it for a spin, let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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