MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


hello nebezial, iv ben following this tut and just love it, with just the first few steps of it i was doin like 10x better then usual attempts at coloring something. i just thought id stop by and thank u for this great tutorial and also to let u know that i absolutly love ur work, b.c ur basicly one the artist that i like to keep up with that inspires me to get my lazy self drawing on a day to day basses.

here is a doodle i colored about 15-mins of work

Thx again
PS. if i shouldnt post this pic here just let me know ill take it off. ><


Skurai, I do believe he did a ‘hair’ tut. Look at the first tutorial that has ape pictures. Try that on a human hair. OMG, its awesome!


hehe, yeah i guess, but he will make a hair tutorial, since i think the way he paints hair is just abit different from the way he paints fur, and he has only showed us one type of fur yet hehe:D


Am all for it :smiley: :smiley:


hey neb,remember when we had that whole photoshop revolution thing during the last challenge?

well…ehm…i just got painter,and…wow!

Does that make me a traitor? don’t kill me nebezial,nooooooooooooo!!!


Queensoul: I think we all are:D

Now nebezial, tsk tsk, so you are not going to post a tutorial tonight, tsk tsk tsk…
Hehe j/k:D
I just HOPE that we will get a tutorial soon…


sorry people been reeal busy these few days…but all i can say for now is…i have seen the light and it was named…linear dodga and linear burn…ohh the sweetness, im redefining some tricks…cause my favorite hard light just got a whooping competition


mmm, new tricks that’s sweet:drool::drool::drool:
tell me more, or even better, wait…do i dare to say it, yes, show me hehe:D


That line sounds familiar. Charlie’s angels? :smiley:


I have no idea, it just popped up in my head at the time:D


Could someone please post a link to this tutorial cos i cant find it any where.



it’s the fur tut on page 19
i hope that link is right


Thanks for that i didnt realise it wass in this thread, i was looking for another. Doh



No problem:thumbsup:
Nebezial, I just realised how easy har light was to use when working with skin colors after grayscale painting (i have only tried that) you just had to use the same skin color that you used to color over the gscale painting, maybe just abit mor orange, and linear dodge, wow!
awesome tool to touch up the higlights after hard light, and linear burn again wow! awesome tool to touch up the shadws adter hard light.

it think hard light, linear dodege and linear burn works best together.

well this is just what i think.

(damn i can’t wait till i get a new computor, then i will be able to use the smudge tool alot better, with it’s full strenght that is, mwahahaha, he, i’m weird…)


Lol! I have converted you! Welcome to the darkside.
It does feel a whole lot better than ps when painting.
Another world domination member converted to painter yes!

Nebz now it is your turn! Let the power of painter compell you.


hah! neb has too much pride to convert,painter actually paints,whereas photoshop mimics it,but this isn’t the thread to discuss.

keep it up neb.


aand then again it is my personal opinion that it is ridiculous to mimic painting on computer, if i want to paint oi know where my acrylics are…and NOOB…E TU BRUTUS!:smiley:


I agree with nebezial on this, sure painter is a nice program and all, but like nebezial said why not get oils etc if you wanna paint with oils?
I like photshop because then it’s challenging to get the effect that you want, and the workflow is alot smoother to me, anyways that’s just what i think.


With painter you don’t have to worry about drying time but any way onward with more tutorials nebz.


so if no program is mimicing painting why do they call it digital painting? why not call it sumthin else eh smarty pants.

and skurai u always agree with nebs no matter what,so i won’t bother trying to argue,heh.

i’ve been using photoshop for about 8 need to describe photoshop workflow to me lol:buttrock:

i’m still mainly using photoshop anyway,80% photoshop 20% painter