MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial



just wanted to say ive been looking thru this hread and its amazing. Im noit much good at this sort of thing, but once my current project is over ill start posting my WIPs as i work thru your tutorials.

Nice one, so cool to get someone who knows, telling you how!


so say we all !


thanx everyone…time for me to apologise, lol i ve been slackin off on the tuts, but i had to make a dragon for my comic and i was at my girlfriends…hehe soo tuts should be continuing tomorrow

Tyson Benson thanx mate
kaylon lol yeah recently i too have been thinkin bout makin some game texturing tuts too ,espoecially withthe progress i made in bevell technique i too would like to see ur stuff:thumbsup:
warpyy oy…i made a head…how u doing???:smiley:


oh okay, at your galfreinds:D
i thought you had died or something:D
yummy, tuts…drools:drool::drool::drool:


exam tomorrow no time to talk… unless you pm me :stuck_out_tongue:


I am waiting waiting waiting. Your girl comes first of course, but tell her there are some ladies waiting for you to TEACH EM STUFF :D. I am having so much fun trying out this stuff!! Only problem am having is that my colors are whacked when I activate the brush with hard light. :frowning:
Cant seem to get the right colors at all.


well her first of two rockin tuts


and step 2 next


and here is the result…2o minutes work , hard light for tweaking, a real dark blue and a real light yellow and thats it


wow cool! Who’d have thought it would be that simple eh?


I hate to just post this… but… WOW… I thought I was a photoshop wizard but you have already proven there are infinite possibilites locked away… amazing… I’m just starting to experiment more with layers. I used to think of them as cels or simple acetate sheets… incredible…



Awesome dude!:thumbsup:
How simple:D
Anyways, now tease us by telling us what wonderful tutorial that will come next time:D


Hi,Nebs!About your textures tutorials with the bevel n emboss,instead of duplicating the layer n using the eraser,I open a new layer n set the effect to outer bevel.After I set my shading,I check the “down” option n put the fill to 0%.And instead of the eraser,I use the brush.This will keep your file size smaller.I’ve attached a sample of what i meen,here.
Now my question is:is this something that slipped u or have u found that the way u do it allows u to do more?I’m just curious cuz i don’t think this is the kind of thing that would slip by u.
Now,just do us a favour:don’t stop rocking us with your tuts!!!


wow thats a sweet example shinobi:thumbsup:


ShinobiXXX hehe i know that one, its just that i do stuff in tuts one thing at the time, try playing with shading curve when using the brush… thats when the reeal fun begins, kickass mate


Skurai- I’m glad u liked the example n I’m even gladder u didn’t felt sorry for the marks I gave her cuz,just so nobody thinks I’m a sadistic f…guy,SHE asked for it!SHE’s the bad one:rolleyes: so I think I’ll go punish her again:D
Nebezial-sorry,man,it’s true u do take one thing at a time.I should’ve waited a little longer to see what u’d come up with.


no prob mate tis all good, experiment on!:thumbsup:


Hey Nebezial, these tutorials are amazing. Keep it up, Bro…


heres my try at it…
just got my 6x8 intuos3 yesterday, been messing with it all day today.

wasnt really happy with my initial sketch and i could have done beter on the shading, but im still getting used to the tablet and all, this was just a quick try

C&C is welcome :smiley:


Yo nebezial!
I hope you will give us a tut tonight:D
And, I hope there will be both a hair tut and a small hard light tut hehe:D
You see I am having trouble with hard light, dont know why, but it will probaly be abit better after a tutorial from you, then i just need to practice and experiment hehe:D
Experimantation is the key to sucess:D

So manny smiles i can’t take it! goes crazy:smiley: