MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


i personally feel ur latest tuts aren’t about digital painting anymore…seem more about photo/3d realism.

but these are pretty excellent techniques.


that’s why it(they) has been posted in an other thread(s)


are you kidding, hardly photo realism… its still tends to the cartoon side a lot more than the realism… cartoons have hair, wrinkles, pours, eyes, mouths etc…

photorealism is a few levels up imo. :bounce:


all these tuts can really be applied to photo realism if wanted.


i guess, but if he realy have done something with photo-r it would have been a lot more… life like, and i am sure he can :scream:

edit: do you like my new avatar ?


hehe these tricks were mainly developed to speed and upgrade the quality of my comic book , this way i can make a cool page a day and have time for other stuff, these tricks are actualy very appliable for acchieving photorealism. i ve spent the day at my friends further developing…couldnt do it at home considering that i have to get my drivers dvd back, ps

warpyy…that is the reason why i havent posted u the orthos yet sorry for that, im getting my drivers tonight, after my uncle downloads them and then ill post


since when do cartoons have pours…lol,and i meant it looks as if it aiming towards 3d realism.since neb does 3d aswell

but when u add so much detail,like pours…lol the word painting doesn’t come to mind,if u know what i mean…

BAH! neb knows what i mean,p.s. its not like i’m sayin his work is shite lol…jeez.fanboys alert :smiley:

keep goin with these tuts nebs,i just wanna see sumthin more painterly from u i guess.


i know what u mean but next few tuts will be about bevell possibilities sorry lol, it is useful for people making teytures and also cool for character designers:D


no prob man!..its just cus this thread was titled digital anatomy painting…etc.

where as it shud be called NEBS NEVER ENDING TUTORIALNESS OF EVERYTHINGISM :smiley: lol


hehe but pores and weinkles are a part of anatomy :smiley:


so are they correct? just makin sure you saw this even though I know your a busy guy. :slight_smile:


settings are right…now go blend something lol:D


Well heres the blended result of this

Will spend more time working on these techniques but this is what I did so far. C&C please.


Neb. I agree with the rest, I love you, can"t wait to try it.
I’m wondering how I saw the thread only now, luckily you had put a link in your signature.

Is this thread going to be archived in any way? Is there RSS for it? :slight_smile:
I know I’ll add it to my favorits :slight_smile:



rblitz7: Nice work on the blending, only thing is that it’s kinda blurry. I tend to just blend from the edges bringing the brustrokes that I applyed together rather than going over the whole thing. allso I vary the pressure, keeping some of the skin slightly textured, it’s difficult to explain, but you’ll get the hang of it :slight_smile:

<edit> allso I think someone else mentioned using bigger brushes, that’s a good tip :wink:

Hope I helped a little…


Nebezial you are an amazing artist. Thanks a lot for sharing all this useful tips.

All the best,


Sweet stuff Neb’s … excellent…

I’ll add a bit of my own tips here… the beveling can also be done if you simply set a blank layer to use the bevel style and set the “fill” to 0% … note… the FILL setting to 0% …



of course… it can be made the other way around too… some sweet stuff comin soon


You couldnt hope for a more open artist! This is really helpful stuff Neb’s,
its great to see some really good techniques, which you can use for so many
different things. Im really looking forward to some more tuts :thumbsup:

And Kaylon, you mentioned earlier that you thought you knew all the techniques
Im curious, would you care to share your knowledge? I know that everyone that
has already subscribed to this thread would like to hear some, that is not to say
that Neb’s isnt doing a great job already with the tuts


:slight_smile: … My painting process is actually very very close to Neb’s we share a lot in common. There is very little new I could add that has not been covered. However I may put together a “texture” creation tutorial sometime in the future. But that may end up in the Game dev forum…we’ll see :).