Modern House


Hey guys, my first post here! I recently completed a personal project that involved creating an architectural render based on a reference photo.

The aim was to work on my texturing and lighting for this project so I took this as an opportunity to have a look online and find a piece of architecture that I liked.

The project is finished now but I would love to get some feedback on my work.

The building is based on the Bernal Heights Residence in San Francisco, design by SB Architects.

Modern House


Looks amazing. almost perfect in fact.

Just the textures on the front driveway and under roof are a bit off tiling wise.
basically concrete wouldn’t have an angle going right through one of its squares.
builders don’t really work that way.


Hey, I see what you mean! I’ll take that into account for my next project. Thanks for the feedback!


Lighting is your friend so make sure your providing enough contrast between inside and outside lights. I would drop the exterior natural light (sky) *personally to make it the building pop a bit more and dramatize the can light, light intensity.