Modelling with Symmetry - without chopping model in half



Is there a setting like in Maya where you can turn on symmetry for modelling without using a modifier - so you don’t have to chop the model in half …

Hope someone can help



There is a True Symmetry Plug-in. The problem is it destroys the point order, which is a no-go for character rigging.

To be upfront, symmetry polygonal modelling is not possible natively in C4D despite the fact that it is possible in the sculpt tool. It sucks, but its what we currently have.

For this reason, I still use Maya in the pipeline.


Ok - thanks for that feedback !


HB Modeling tools includes some awesome symmetry tools.

-There is a tool that will auto-chop an object in half along symmetry line…or chop in 4 along both axis.
-A tool to do clip symmetry, where the item isn’t cut up
-And other symmetry options

And it includes dozens of other outstanding scripts and options, related to selecting, creating and modifying objects.


Hi Ok thanks - so there are some nice plugins to consider … It’s not such a big deal but when u model with 2 halves the verts aren’t merged … Not ideal for previewing Ur model as u have that split down the middle


That’s where the connect object comes in. Arrange your geo like this:

Subd Surface Object
—Connect Object
--------Symmetry Object


It was exactly my prob, last time. I was doing character rigging. And Point order was very important. Instead of using TrueSymmetry, i found: Cactus Dan’s CD Tools (its free, as far as i know)
In its plugin pack, you will find “CD Symmetry”-Tag. This works exactly as you need it. UV & point order keeps untouched.

Outside C4D you can use Blender. The command for the mirroring is named: “Snap to Symmetry”. It is also doing a very good job !


Thanks icecaveman ! That order does the job.


I’m really liking Cinema 4d - it’s very quick to pick up as predominantly a Maya user … But yeh also like a lot of people thinking Blender is possibly another great option with those prices … I’ve heard a lot of good things

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