Modelling & Texturing with Thomas Doig | Youtube Channel


Hi everyone,
I have started a youtube channel Focusing on my workflows in Modelling and Texturing. I hope to help beginners and also to learn myself.

Please feel free to have a look. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I will also be active here on the forum offering tips to beginners that need some help.

Thank you


Hey Guys and Girls,

Just released a new video that marks the start of my Low Poly Modelling Series.


Glad to have you here and look forward to your input also very cool that you are making tutorials and helping others get started



Hi Travis,

Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes trying to help out, including myself, as I have much to learn. In saying that there is so much great art on here I wonder if there are any beginners that may find my videos helpful.

Time will tell, I will continue for now.


Hey everyone,

A new low poly modelling series video just released today, Hope you enjoy!


Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the forum.