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Hello Everybody !

Im new here. Im modeling a guy in Maya (NURBS) and I don`t know how to smooth connect parts of the body. I know that I can convert it to Poly and connect there but I want to do it in Nurbs. Is there any option ? Thanx ! :slight_smile:


u can intersect two NURBS surfaces to get a curve, with it you can trim unusefull parts away. then you can attach the surfaces with a blend, or just stich the edges toghether, so they line up.


This process is called socking, you basically attach/detach similarly sized patches on say the gody and leg, then attach them with the blens option, detach them back to their original object, then do a global stitch, you can find more information here:

Good luck



OK Thanx :slight_smile: I`ll try to find it.


I`ve got one more question. Is there any posibility to convert poly model from Maya to 3S Studio MAX ?


yes you can use a number of export plugins (frre of course) on that comes with maya is the 3ds. export, goto windows, setting/pref and then plugin manage, just load it and goto export, it sohuld be in the drop down list.

another one which is more commonly used is the FBX plugin by kaydara, i dont have the exact website, but a simeple google search will get it in no time.

Hope that helps.


OK Thanx :]

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OK Thanx :slight_smile: If anyone want to visit my website here is a link :


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