modelling help!


i know you guys see help thread like this all the time and trust me… I’ve already searched the forums before I posted this…

I’ve somewhat started modelling and I’m trying to do some really complicated stuff like the Gundam Wing or Transformers robots…

I’ve been just trying to do the heads using polygon primitives and splits and moving vertexes around, but i’m having a hard time making them take shape…

Basically I’m looking for a real in-depth tutorial for a beginner to help me learn some advance techniques… I checked out the tutorials in the pinned tutorial thread, but they’re not aimed at the things I’m looking for… and the ones that I think may benefit are broken links


Here’s an idea of what I’m trying to model (that’s just the head)… the rest of the body and extensions get just as complex in some areas


Not really sure myself try asking people like mora and paradiseflybird they’ve done things like this before well i think so anyway?

By the way I couldn’t link the names to the profiles.

Just trying to help sorry if its useless.


Hey mate how are you?

Well the only way i can explain this is the way i would start off, its the wrong way its just personal prefrence.

I would start with just the face, not worrying about the Yellow attachment or the side white parts just the face, i would split in the polys into the mouth first then work with it, you dont have to worry about the smaller detail to later.


I would do this in NURBS i find them easyer to work with First i would do the mouth using the CV Curve tool and then Loft or Birail it ( because he is a robot its much easyer todo ) Then i wouldn’t worry about the back of the head just the eyes and after the head is done i would then start to model the yellow and side White parts ( IMO Armor of some sort ) You dont have to make it look like its attached to the head because its a robot.

Remember Dont model what you wont see in the render


P.S Try Its your friend.
Also check out and build up your skills then try and tackle this project.


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