Modelling and Stuff Showreel '09


See a couple fo posts down for the updated reel… Cheers…

Hi all,
I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums and thought it was about time i posted something… This is my reel for '09 which i had to throw together for some job interviews… There’s a few more bits to go on it which are rendering at the mo, but i’d really like some feedback or critiques on what i’ve got so far, as this is pretty much my first real showreel:

As High Quality Quicktime (40mb) at:

As Medium Quality Quicktime (20mb) at:

On Vimeo at:

Thanks in advance…

(P.S: Currently looking for work as a modeller, texturer, generalist…)


Great modeling man. I really like jungle characters, those are really nice.
I didn’t like the sock, and the strange boy with the black hair, walking. That was too simple, compared to other great stuff. Its better to toss that out, and leave only the best stuff.

Also, the animation is really nice. Great key frames on the space guy.

Thats my opinion. I hope it helps.


Hey… Thanks very much for the reply its much appreciated… I realise i should of said in my original post that the animation isn’t by me, but by a talented guy called Tom Oakes…

I completely agree about Socks and the WIP boy at the end, they were kind of fillers, hopefully i’ll have some newer stuff rendered out shortly to replace them with…

Thanks again.


Hey all,
As mentioned before here is an updated version of the reel with some of the filler taken out and a couple of new and recently rendered characters added in:

Thanks agin for looking and all feedback and critiques really appreciated…



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