Modelling and Smoothing in Maya



I’m following the tutorial I found on Alias website for Character Modelling (Character modelling). I know that I can use smooth to make the polygon model become smooth. Once I do that, I can’t go back to the unsmoothed model to edit it, maybe I don’t know how. But it seems that the author of that tutorial can do so, switching between the polygon model and the smoothed model to make fine tunes. How can I do that?



You can select the polySmooth node from the history and set the subdivisions to 0, or you can select the node, then shift select the mesh and press delete. This will delete just the polySmooth node leaving all of your other edits and nodes intact.


Thanks! I found some threads talked about subdivisons and the poly cage. I tried to convert the polygon model to a subdiv and then turned on the poly proxy. Which way would you suggest? Smooth the polygon with control to the polySmooth node or convert it to a subdiv with the poly proxy? Could you explain to me the differences between those two? I’m going to make a character which lipsync, so i have to make some facial expressions and lips movements. What kind of modelling would be good? I don’t really know how to do so with nurbs. I think polygon or subdiv modelling would be good for me.



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