Modeling twisted metal wire on fence??


I try to model a fence with irregular wood and small metal wire holding each wood.
Obviously I try to use splines for the wire but I have trouble doing it in a efficient manner. Twist-Modifier gave not enought control .

Is pushing and pulling vertex handles on the spline until I get grey hair the only possible way? :wink:


It would be the most straight-forward approach at least.

Set your viewports up so you have at least a top, side and front view. Make one eyelet, do three or four variations. Spread around. Done.

Do bigger distortions at the very end.

If you don’t like the handles, try smooth vertices. (Or even corner and apply subdivisions at the top of the stack.)


Twisted wire

Create a Line, convert to editable spline, subdivide and then duplicate to element.
Apply a twist modifier.
In the “Modifier-stack”, expand the “Twist” heading and select center. Move the center to the desired location.
Apply edit-spline modifier to the stack and manipulate the vertices at either end to splay out like a fork. Make these planar so that the object is tile-able.
Add a sweep to the modifier stack and select profile and choose a radius/diameter.



Ah this is nice. Thanks a lot!


I keep saying that MCG in 3ds max 2016 is useless, but that doesn’t stop the morons defending it.

“2016 + EXT1/2 + SP3, 2017”

You need Extensions (Extra $ for “Maintenance”) to do something so simple!


You sir, are such a troll
At least that seems your major role when ever i read some of your posts


You’re a GENIUS, no don’t be humble about it…you come out all guns blazing calling ppl, inc. me, morons…well i guess that makes you sir a certified GENIUS…

Cheers…really happy for you.


…but you can’t do the twisted-wire via MCG in standard 3ds max 2016. Only in later releases…
People say 3ds max 2016 was a great release and then cite MCG as a reason for it being great, but the MCG in 3ds max 2016 is incomplete.


Can the MCG in 3ds max 2016 perform the task? People say that 3ds max 2016 was a great release and then cite MCG as a reason for it being so good, but what can the MCG that ships with 3ds max 2016 actually do?


True, you need the Extension for MCG Spline functionalities in max 2016…and yes that costs money…which I was NOT happy about that a ‘normal’ user can’t get access to MCG Splines…(for awhile there I boycotted doing MCG Splines because of this fact…but that’s another story…)…anyway, I’m not here to start any fights…I’ll just do what i do…and that’s all there is to it…

(btw, I’m in no way a defender of MCG…I have no affliliations with AD, I can’t script therefore I do MCG…I would criticise the crap out of MCG when I find a bug…but main thing is if MCG can help me to do something so I don’t have to sit there and do laborious tasks…I’ll use it…if it can’t…well…it simply can’t…I don’t waste energy going on a crusade against it…)