Modeling: TimeLapse Video 1: Human Mouth


Hey guys. :smiley:

Here’s a 15 minute(compressed down to about 1 minute) time lapse of a little study I did last week.

It’s Max 5.1, CSPolytools, Meshtools, and the tubecap primative talked about in the Theoretical Sub-D thread.

It uses the TechSmith codec (yes, I know everyone has DIVX, but I just don’t like how it compresses stuff like this).

You can get the 176kb Techsmith codec installer >>>HERE<<<


[EDIT: Do to comments, I’ve reduced the speed by about 35%. You can get the slower one >>>HERE<<<

Oh, and yes, the proportions are off a bit. Hey, I did it in 15 minutes. Gimme a break.

Lemme know what you think. If you all find it usefull, I’ll do a bunch more.

Cheers! :beer:



Plugged at redpixel

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but 3dzealot i hav become old waiting for ur pdf(for theoratical subdivision) to come to me.
when will u give it to me


dont want to be anoying but…
where can I find the codec for it ?


The link is in my first post.


EDIT: PiledotNET, that’s really cool! I hope your users find it usefull.



oh sorry didnt saw that.

but I like the little tutorial kinda thingy
it interesting to see how a human face is build up and tweaker by a pro

thanx for sharing!


nice one cheers

can you slow it down a bit more, it is well quick :slight_smile:


Ok, since you and a few of the mods have seen it, you’ve all mentioned the speed. So I’ve reduced the speed by about 35%.

You can grab the new slower one >>>HERE<<<

Perhaps now, there won’t be any seizures. :eek:




Nice Tutorial! :thumbsup: :beer:


ah much better dave. no finish it up :wink: with the nose and eyes to match hehe


Thanks, thats a nice tutorial :applause: Would be cool, if you do some more tutorials…


Very Nice Dave Thanks!

You should do a vid on each part of the head - nose, eye etc…


nice one dave

[hehe only just noticed you changed your name… to your name]


Aye gid, I like it :slight_smile:


Hi Dave!!

I just downloaded your tutorial, I can’t wait to see it, but it seems to be simply great.
Thanks a lot.


mica- ela: You’re very welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

Iain McFadzen: High praise indeed coming from you. At least I got your name spelled right this time ;).

Simon.Reeves: Glad you liked it. Yeah, I just had to get rid of that rediculous screen name. Besides, using my real name is just more honest. Makes me think before I speak. I need to do that more. :rolleyes:

MRAY: Thanks! I’m actually working on more vids that do exactly that. I think I might make a whole character out of this, using each vid as a starting point for the next. It’s just really easy to make these with camtasia. I’ll have more soon.

Alucard1703: Thanks! I’m working on 'em during my lunch breaks.

Sas.hun: Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Tims0l: I’d hardley call myself a “pro”, but it is indeed a nice compliment. It’s fun to share technique. Modeling videos(like Martin Krol’s) really helped me in the past, and it’s fun to be able to give out something like this.

ishpal: Hehe…yeah…the pdf…runs and hides…er…I’ll get back to you on that one. :smiley:

To everyone that’s downloaded and viewed this sucker, I want to thank you for taking the time, and I hope that this will be a neat little set of videos for the community. I’m going to be writing out the theory behind why I do it this way on my site when they are all done.

Thanks for stopping by!



thank you

first I would like to say " You rock!!!":buttrock:

it has taught me much about how the mouth should be formed…
I had lot of difficulties in the past with it…



As usual Sir… I bid thee a :bowdown:




Right back at ya, Tex!



Nice vid, Dave. Question - what are you using to capture it?