Modeling stich and sew lines


I came across a few plugins for accomplishing this, but wanted to see if anyone has used them or has a opinion on a different plugin.

  • Ticket 01 - Stitch
  • Seam Easy - however, I cannot access the site.



You could also create one on your own with Bifrost.
Convert the edge selection to a curve and bring those into Bifrost and go from there.


Making stiches usually go with mash.

  1. Just create one individual stitch. usually a cube with 3 segments in one direction is enough if you agre subdividing it. shape it like u want.

  2. Select the polygon edges on the mesh you want the stitches on and convert polygone edges to curves.

  3. Select the stitch and create a mash network from it.

  4. drag and drop the curve to input curve and adjust the offset and number of instances.

  5. adjust settings as u want.

  6. done.