Modeling / Rendering Video Tutorial (Rad Room)


Was inspired by the video tutorials I have seen lately and wanted to do a short one myself. I haven’t sped em up at all… so it’s all real-time. The resolution is pretty high aswell being a little larger than 600X800. Encoding is Xvid v1.0. Let me know if you have problems with this codec. The Modeling vid… really not advanced but fun and makes it all complete, is about 2 1/2 minutes long. The Layout > setup > testing > rendering, is about 3.5 minutes. The end result is this:

Again… none of it is really complex… but its always fun watching someone working in LW anyway. There may be some settings in the rendering side that could give some people ideas especially if they are new to LW.
Modeling 2:30sec 6.5MB
Layout > Rendering 3:30sec 6.5MB


Great tut, thank you very much. I"ve been trying to find a tutorial on creating indoor scenes for a while and this will help.
One question though. Do you have a text version of this tutorial? or are you planing on posting one in the future?


Codec woks fine for me even though I have an older Xvid version. Thanks for the tut, I’m curious, what did you use to record it?


No text version planned… If you have any questions go ahead and ask em. on the modeling side… to make the doors / windows… I just select polygons and then do a “right” click (not left) on em with smooth shift… (Shift+F)… and then switch to the move tool… (t)… and then move em out…and hit delete key to deleate the selected polygons… (x in 7.5lw)… when everything was done I hit the “f” key to flip the polygons so that it looked good on the inside. I didn’t use any hotkeys in layout really beyond move and rotate. (t) and ® respectfully.

Capturing was done in Camtasia studio… I need to do a lot more with it to get my use out of it.


Windows and Rooms Rule!!!:bowdown:



pretty cool…try using different colors in the room…




Any chance of an exterior lighting tute?


Great work! As you said; it is always interesting to watch people work in Lightwave. I really hope that you or others make more video-tutorials.


Thanks for the vids


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