Modeling Reel - Aleksandr Kirilenko


I’ve added a couple of mirrors so hopefully there won’t be any problems with watching the reel now

Hey guys,

 Been lurking around here for several years,but never got a chance to post anything. So here goes...
 This modeling reel,or better say-sculpting reel,was sort of a dream of mine since I saw the reel by Kolby himself.But now that I've made it,I'd like to share it with you.
 Even though this is more a personal project of mine,I am looking for freelance work. You can contact me at: [email=""][/email]
 []( (this is sort of a mirror,but it works just great unlike the link below.Right click to save it). Mega thanks goes to Jake Kousholt for uploading it.Cheers,Jake [img][/img] (70MB) (right click to save it,or left click to view it in the browser). Quick Time is required.

Mirror #2 (Rapidshare=not a direct link)

 Some shots of the models shown in the reel:
 Hope you like it! And if you have any problems with running the video,please let me know.


Very impressive. I would love to take a look at the wireframes though.


I didn’t show the wires because base meshes are rather low poly (around 3k of polygons),And like I said,it’s more a sculpting reel :wink:

Note: There are some plblems with Geocities,so if the page says that it couldn’t locate the file,please try again later.I guess it was a bad idea to buy that Geocities Plus account.


I couldn’t be able to download your reel :sad:. Please give someother link. Your works are looking fabulous.


Well, it took about four tries to get it to load up, but it was worth the wait. Some very nice details on your models. I liked the details on Wolverine - particularly the sculpted hair.
Your Earthworm Jim is fantastic. I wish you much success.


yeah! -i coulden’t either but would very much like too.



Sorry guys,Geocities turned out to be nothing but a piece of junk.15$ went down the drain :
I’ve got no choice but to upload the video to Rapidshare… The link wont be a direct one,but at least it works.I’ll probably post it here tomorrow.


Check out the first post-I’ve added a couple of mirrors.Everything should be working now :slight_smile:


Seriously awesome work dude.:slight_smile:


Awesome work, I really enjoy the Earthworm Jim model. Great!


front page for eartworm jim damnt!!


rebolt: Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Gkaine: Ha ha cheers man :smiley:


Great stuff… marvelous job on the earthworm Jim!


Looks really good…I like the details in all the models and how they’re all of different styles.


Nice work, main link worked great. I agree that you have pulled together some very nice models. Your anatomy and clothing looked really good. I didn’t listen to the reel with music so I can’t really comment on the edit but overall really nice. I was nearly tired of seeing Earthworm when you switched to the next model I think that one (Earthworm) takes a bit to long compared to the other two.

Either way nice work and best of luck.



richardoud: Thanks,glad you like it :slight_smile:

RafiS: Thanks :wink:

kwood: Thank you :slight_smile: Well,this was the first time I used Adobe After Effects or any editing software fo that matter, so yeah,nothing fancy there :wink: Also,you should watch it with the audio on 'cause I tried to switch between the models/views when the music itself was changing a little.


that’s Amazing!So good.


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