Modeling-ready photo references


There is often a certain amount of work to do with photographs before you can actually use them as references in your modelling. Alignment between a front perspective and a side perspective is essential and it often takes alot of time making those changes.

I would definitely love to see a sort of a “database” for sharing photo references with sets of ortographic pictures of humans that are already set up/aligned, here on the forums. If anyone has got some and are willing to share, please do it here :slight_smile:


I’ll start off what hopefully turns into a chain reaction =)

Photos are aligned and ready for modelling without tweaking size/dimensions.


The thought is great but in reality you wouldn’t need to do something like this.

You got google and sites like 3dsk with great references.


Google, which would bring you to pages like this thread. =P If the content doesn’t exist somewhere, Google won’t help much!

I think it’s a great idea, I mean, more reference content on the interwebz is never a bad idea!


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