Modeling question


Say you are extruding fingernails from fingers, for example.

So you have some polys selected where each nail is going to come out. And you can smooth-shift them all out in the desired direction at that point.

But now it gets complicated. The nails are different sizes, different shapes, at different angles (finger vs. thumb, for example). Is there a tool or technique that would allow me to work on all the nails simultaneously but keeping the point manipulation local to the nail, not to ALL of the nails?

For example, if I Stretch one nail to make it narrower, to have ALL the selected nails narrow as well? (Not have them all pull in toward the highlighted nail?) I think Smooth Scale does this, but on all axies at the same time. What if I only want the nail narrowed?

Or, if I select the middle points on top of the nail and move them up (to give the nail that rounded top), could ALL the middle points of all the nails move along in the proper direction at the same time? Without having to drag them all in different directions?

Sorry to be so long-winded, I just wanted to be sure I am framing the question clearly enough.

Thanks for answering.



Try using the bevel tool


the bevel works on every axis at a time, right? So I couldn’t bevel something narrower without also shortening. I’d have to go back and individually elongate each nail.

Also, bevel bevels each poly separately, so it wouldn’t work for the nails in my example.




You could try changing the mode from action center mouse to action center origin or another mode. Then maybe using tools like stretch would would stretch all the nails in on themeselves instead of towards the mouse cursor. Wouldn’t work for tools like drag, where the fallof in numerics is set to point, if it would even work at all in the way your talking about.

Just a suggestion.




thanks for replying. Unfortunately that does not work either.

If you simply create two squares side by side in the Top view, then try to shrink, stretch, or resize both of them at the same time, so that they are stretching / shrinking / resizing using their own center point as a center, NOT so that they are pulling or pushing toward the mouse, the origin, or the average point between them (selection), so far as I can tell, it is simply not possible.

It seems like this would be a huge time saver, to be able to manipulate polys in separate groups at the same time, but so that the “action” is toward the center of each selected group of polys, not toward the mouse, the origin, or the entire selection center.

Does anyone else have an idea? Plugin that permits this?

Sorry to be such a hard-nose about this, but I think a solution here would benefit far more than just me.

Thanks much.



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