Modeling question



I have a modeling question. It might be very simple, or a tool, or technique that I’m missing.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, I have 2 circles (outer and inner).
I need the measures and the result to be perfectly matched to a sketch with a perfect smooth result.

Between the inner and the outer circles, I need to connect and weld the 2 polygons (in the middle), in order to be 1 piece. one polygon should connect and weld to the outer circle, the second to the inner circle.

I cannot resize the 2 polygons (due to measures I need to keep). In addition, if I add more edges in the inner circle, I will get imperfect smooth circle result.

Of course, the actual model will be more complex with multiple objects which I should connect and weld to the outer and inner circles.

Any suggestions?


Either spread the verts wider on the inner circle which will introduce minor imperfection


Add more divisions (not manual cuts) to the inner circle when creating it to maintain a perfect circle and have matching geometry where the strip connects.