modeling question


could someone give me a direction on how to make this happen…

I have a cylinder…I want to make a label on it (like a raised plaque) and on the label, will be letters (the name of the object).
How do I get the label to follow the contour of the cylinder…and how to I get the letters (which would be extruded ) to follow the curvature of the label?
thanks in advance.


Can’t you use displacement map ?



Switch to Face selection and pick the faces of your cylinder that coincide with the area you wish to make a label from. Duplicate those faces, then scale this object up from the cylinder’s central origin just slightly, so your new label geometry is offset from the cylinder.

Now you can map textures and a displacement map onto the new label geometry, and have separate control over the materials and attributes of each!


thank you both.
I had initially considered a displacement but wanted to make the object separate.
I was wondering if there’s a way to use a projected curve on the surface? I know I can project a curve onto the surface but I don’t know how to make that into a separate poly that I could select and extrude or extract.


You can use a deformer to deform your geometry.
In your specific situation you may want to use a bend deformer to fit your mesh to the curve.
You will have to eyeball it though.

Animation > Create deformer > nonlinear > bend


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