Modeling huge neoplateresque building


So I’m modeling this building, just to give you enought of background info, it was a building in my city that was never built except for a little section. All the pictures I have is everything that can be found on the internet (on the 6th picture you can see all the pics I have)
The scale model, is based on the blueprints and while it was once shown in an exposition, can only be visited once a year, so visiting myself would have to wait alsmot like a year.
I tried matching the floor and front so I could model it better, but the detail isn’t that much, some pictures are roughly good enough but I still have to guess some things.

Google maps has also helped me to figure some details out, although not everything is the same in the blueprints, scale model or in person.,-4.7220132,3a,75y,195.87h,102.44t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svbLRWp-A8E94I-DLGdRhmA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

My idea is to end up with something like the model, just with the outside, many parts can be copypasted but certain things such as certain salients that go throught all the bulding, have to be the same, or at least that’s how I’d want them to be even if I can later snap them by eye as you see in the penultimate picture, other thing I’m having problemk with is what to have separate or together so I can better change it if I see proportions are wrong, which they are but Idk if I’m being precise enough.

I also wonder if it would be ok to post this to modeling and/or 3ds max as well, since I’m not sure about how to separate/mpdel certain things efficiently or if that would have been a better place to post this.


So I went to take some pictures to the building. Actually, I live less than 1km away from it, but I didn’t plan the pictures, I just did happen to walk next to it and take some pictures, I didn’t look into photogrametry until after taking the pictures, but I was already thinking of using them in this way and the result was good enough. There were 75 pics and the final mesh output was 7 Mill. faces. I used colmap and Meshlab, just as this video shows (It’s the first video that shows up if you look for photogrametry on youtube)

Calculating the points took 3 hours, and after calculating the geometry, I had to lower the geometry from 7 Mill. to 1 Mill since my computer was lagging a lot, I adjusted some geometry of what it should look like if it looked perfect, just as a reference to adjust with what I already modeled so it will look more proportioned. The screenshots at the end, still need to be adjusted.