Modeling Holes in Jaw


Greetings! can someone post a small tutorial on how to best create a mouth mesh for animation? Specificaly, i am trying to recreate the Alien Mouth, but …heh no luck with my trial and LOTS of error. Trying to understand how to create the holes on the jawline.

my attempts have been atrocious! please advise.


Don’t have time to really do a tutorial for you but i think teh first tip i would give is to not start with a sphere. Your problem lies with the way the sphere is lined up. To create the hole you want you’d want some vertically running polys that make up the snout better and from there you could have extruded down that skin piece.

I recommend you start with a box instead and you’ll find things a bit easier.


thanks Swampthing.!

The sphere looking monstrosity was from a zSpher (ZBrush2) i realize i need to do this type of effect in a traditional way. The tutorials i have don;t show this type of mesh creation, but even on the Loxology site they have an alien type mesh with the same effect! i just don’t see how to extrude the mesh corectly for this effect. i am trying to keep it in one mesh.


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