Modeling help


I’m trying to model this sort of organic shape, a lab analyzer(see object on left in photo below). Does this really boil down to pushing points to get the shape?

Looking for some suggestions as to how to approach this.

I suppose some people would approach this the same way as car modeling – creating polys point by point in a symmetry object?



that seems like a pretty simple shape just box model it and make some inner extrusion/bevels for the lines.

unless it has to be animated.


jep, shouldnt be too hard to model :slight_smile:


JIII, yes it needs to be animatable.

The top above the horizontal line opens up with a hinge on the back to reveal mechanics.

Polys instead of box modeling to animate?


I’d model that with loft nurbs–possibly converting to polys for further refinement.


I’d agree with box modeling, it may have an more organic shape but doesn’t need to move organically (meaning the mesh doesn’t need to stretch) by the sound of things.


Thanks all.

I like Adam’s suggestion the best so I’ll try that first.

I’ll post the WIP here…


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