Modeling Help


I’ve got an existing model that has beveled corners throughout. I want to delete these beveled corners and create a 90° corner, so that I can eventually round these intersections - see image attached. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without having to move each segment into place and then optimizing? I thought maybe stitch & sew, but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to get the corners to meet without moving their planar positions. Like I said I have a lot of these corners and would appreciate any advice on a faster way. Thanks!


Just drag the upper edge until it’s in vertical alignment with the lower edge.

Whether you want to dissolve the extra polygon which was the bevel is up to you.


Thanks for the reply. I know I can do it manually, but there are so many of them. I was hoping there was a 2-click solution that would have them merge at 90° - much like AutoCAD’s trim tool. Sure would be nice. Thanks again for the input.


This is Cinema 4d! You don’t get those sorts of modelling niceties here!

Some boffin may like to show how clever they are by knocking you up a script to do it auto-magically. Spirelli?

I use edge snapping and dissolve the extra polygons.


Thanks Infograph. I appreciate the feedback. Looks like I’ll be doing this manually. In fact, I have determined it might be better just to build these imported models from scratch. A script that prompted a user to select both edges would be excellent.