Modeling help needed


Hi guys!

I’ve been modeling for some time, not seriously but on and off.

Recently i have been trying to make a model for a low poly game “just for fun”. And i want the model to look kinda cool and the rest of the game will be low poly stylized look, i’ve already made a bunch of assets that im proud off.

But the model im trying to create is driving me mad, i can’t get the workflow right, i have been stuck for 2 weeks. I dont think it’s a hard model, i just cant make it look right…

If someone could give me some tips or a video workflow/tutorial would be awesome!

Picture of the model (Not going to use exactly this look, but i will use a chibi style)


Well it is a little broad. Box modeling, Sculpting/Retopology, or plane modeling are the main workflows. Work with what you can do with Topology and Edge flow references. I recommend googling or use pinterest to search for these references. Also you have to find out how low poly would you want to go. Planing it out is best to start with.

Figure out what the limits and look to the character and write or type them down.
Does it need to have every finger or just the palm and thumb?
Do you need to attach the limbs to the body in topology?
-In certain cases you don’t have to for lowpoly. Say, if it has no neck then it would be a nightmare to rig if the head is attached to the body. Or maybe a robot. Using armor you can have it separate from the body if like a shoulder piece. If using this in a game, always merge separate objects into one before exporting the character.
Do you need to see inside the helmet?
What is the color scheme to the character?
…Just keep asking yourself questions about your character.