Modeling help needed


Hi, first of sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I’m trying to model my Honda CBF 125 in maya just as a challenge. I have been doing 3D modeling for about 2 years now but haven’t really modeled any thing brilliant my best has been a Boeing 747, iphone and ipad. I though this would be relativity easy but it’s turning out not to be as i’m trying to keep tris and n-gons down but they keep appearing and edge loops are being a paint too as i need edge loops to support vertices’s but if i add edge loops then the curves become sharper which i don’t want.

I’ve linked screen shots of the wire frame on shaded and also the smooth mesh preview of the model. I’ve also attached the reference images i’m using the close ups are the ones i’ve taken on my iphone 4s but the side view i got online.

Can anybody assist me on how to do this i want to get it to look as realistic as possible so the sharp edges around where the dip stick (for the oil) is i want to have but at the moment its a smooth edge.


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