modeling help needed quick tip/workflow/tutorial


Hi guys!
I’ve been modeling for some time, not seriously but on and off.

Recently i have been trying to make a model for a low poly game “just for fun”. And i want the model to look kinda cool and the rest of the game will be low poly stylized look, i’ve already made a bunch of assets that im proud off.

But the model im trying to create is driving me mad, i can’t get the workflow right, i have been stuck for 2 weeks. I dont think it’s a hard model, i just cant make it look right…

If someone could give me some tips or a video workflow/tutorial would be awesome!

Picture of the model (Not going to use exactly this look, but i will use a chibi style)


-Block out the body, no need to be super detailed, pay attention to proportions. You will then use the basic anatomy as your guide to model the character on top.
-Proceed with modeling using primitive objects:
head is a sphere, limbs are cylinders, body could be a box with added segments, the “feathers” on the helmet could be extruded planes.