modeling hair!!


i need help with this…i have been modeling my latest human and i now what to make som hair…HOOOOOW…o…btw…its my first highpoly that im going to finish :P…so please give me some hints


you could use a plugin like sasquatch for excellent results($$).or if you can use clip maps to define what is visible on a poly try that technique, it is pretty convincing. of course if all else fails make some molded hair with good maps.


yeah …U can use some plugins but hear U can find nice tut for hair without plugs


yes that tutorial above describes how to use transparancy maps, very similar to clip maps. main difference is in the way the renderer sees the invisible areas. a clip map will only recognise black or white no grayscale, and due to this fact the render process is quicker. so if possible try to adapt the above tutorial to use clip maps… if your package allows it.

good luck


i forgot to say what prog i was using…max…thanks for the response…i have tried that and i didnt get the result i what…but i think a mix of this and modeled hair would do…what i really would like is some hint on how to model the hair…i have banged my head onto my screen now and it really dont look as i what it to look…if someone could post some wires of diffrent hairs that they have made it would give me great pointers…but the tut is great…i will use it and blend it with modeled hair…thanx :]

ill post a wire of my model soon


Look at the topmost link on the left: tutorial and sample files.’sHair.html
that’s one I made for these guys a few years ago…


that was what i was looking for…thank u for that one…its great :]


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