Modeling from different views


Hi. Please redirect me from the thread if this already exist. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Do anybody knows how to model a sketch from different views? I have been searching some anime blueprints but I always see with perspective view. I can only model from front and side but no from the quarter view. Please give me a link where to learn it. :slight_smile: I use blender btw. But any tutorial is good. I know my software. :slight_smile:



There are two ways. You can use the num-pad on your keyboard to move the between the normal angles (although I don’t think there’s a num-pad for quarter view). To quote the Blender wiki: 3 NumPad for “side”, 1 NumPad for “front”, 7 NumPad for “top”. You can select the opposite directions if you hold Ctrl while using the same numpad shortcuts.

The other way that might help is to turn on quad view. Press the N key on your keyboard to bring up the window properties, expand out the “Display” group and click “Toggle quad view”. Screen-shot attached - forgive the low quality; the upload size for PNG’s is absurdly low ( < 100kb)


Thanks for the reply but this is not what I mean. :slight_smile: I already know how to model with front, side, top, and perspective. but what if my reference image is looking in quarter views?


You can use num pad 2, 4, 6, and 8 to orbit by a fixed interval, you can work your way into a quarter ortho view this way. You can also freely orbit the camera if that works too. Otherwise, find a better reference image, I guess.


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