Modeling eyes


I am a 3d studio max user and am currently in the process of making my first human model, i have most of the mesh completed but one part i am realy strugeling on is the eyes.

I have a few pollys to play with so i would like to have the eyes as a seperate object. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial that explains how to model eyes i would appreciate it alot. Also any advice from you guys would be a great help as this is my first time :D.




Ben Mathis’ eye tutorial


Thanks for that tutorial, i can understand how to model the eyeball without much trouble, it is getting the eye and eyelids to match well. If anyone has any advice on that it would be a great help.


Edge loops! Also, press the “sphere” button. For high poly stuff, some people model holes in the iris to get better shine/reflections, but for low poly just use part of a sphere.


Actually, I learned a trick pretty early on from a friend,

Take a CUBE and smooth it twice.

You get a sphere shape, but with a bit more efficiant Geometry. Just be sure to do a quick fix on the UV’s on the thing before using.


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