Modeling detailed part of a mesh into a not so detailed part



I know, weird title. :wink: I made two screenshots, that should explain what I mean.

I want to somehow insert the part with the many verts into a part of my mesh with only only few vertices. I know I could make some edge loops to add vertices at the eges of the cut-out quad, but this would add two much detail into the rest of the mesh where I don’t want it.

I’m also aware of basic techniques of adding detail to a mesh, but the ones I know only work, if you want to maybe double the detail … but in my case, the amount of added detail is much larger then I’m used to.

Another problem is, that the outer part is on a curved surface, which you can’t really see in the screenshots (the screenshots are from the not yet mesh-smoothed surface). So adding detail in the surrounding also breaks my curvature the and messes it up quite a lot.

So here my question: How would I best go about a case like this? I think I want to intergrate the detailed mesh into the larger one, because if I didn’t, there would probably be a visible seam. But maybe there are other ways, how to do this?

Thanks for reading and maybe helping me out here. :slight_smile:



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