-[MODELING]-demon character for my project


Hello to all!
Here is a small image of my project in the process of being built…
i use 3dsmax6, scanline rendering with advanced lightning .
(It is not finished yet)


wow looking great … what’s it for ?? can’t wait to see it finished


nice work.

one crit: you may want the knees to go foward a little more then they are, because i cant imagine him walking the way he is

but other then that i really like it


I think his knee is suppose to bend backwards, not forwards gkaine. Great image, i’d love to see this guy in action.




This model is seriously good, I’m looking forward to future updates!


Great stuff! that’s some serious bump mapping


looking awesome…

project for what? reel? production? game?




ok. i just cant see him walking for some reason. maybe angle his thighs foward a bit more before it makes the turn backward?


It is true that there are some defects on certain parts but I wanted that he have a good style.thanks for your remarks…hooo excuse me for my bad english…it’s just for my personal project.Yes Shaykai I too look forward to seeing him has the action…:slight_smile:


Great Modeling, great design i really like the strenght coming out from your model,
It,is not a crit but my point of view on the character. His strong legs make him a brutal demon. A little Less muscular at this level will revealed something more agile and more dangerous.

Very good work

Good luck with jobs

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No bad.
Minotaur inspired


First I just want too say this is excellent work. Beautiful man, but one crit, the thumbs look and inside palms on the hands look a little odd, kinda like the thumbs are dislocated or something, perhaps it is just the way they are bent but perhaps it is something you ought to check out.

I was totally amazed by the detail work, keep it up and I bet the finished product could be cg gallery worthy. :slight_smile:


Very nice render, beautiful modeling/texturing…I esp. like the biceps/shoulders/chest.

What do you intend to change/add?

It feels like it belongs in a game of Doom.

Keep it up, I’m very excited to see more from you.



Verrry nice, can’t wait to see more!!

A question: I’ve checked your web gallery and saw many images with some apparent subsurface scattering used on the characters. May I ask what you have used for it?


Good job my friend!
I always doesn’t understands why you don’t have tried the face which I had suggest to you. Loll

On the other side to have seen one version textured. I know that he is going to be terrible!!!

A little thing. Do not forget that he is big!! The dive is not the best optics.


Laa-Yosh,I just use a transcluscency shader it’s not hard to use. ok Riddick i unterstood.


wow! impressive!
Nice job
Can you post some wire plz?


Could you get into more detail? :slight_smile: I’m struggling with 3ds translucency right now, and let’s just say I’m not yet satisfied with my results…


yes! good job man !! i like your lights ,enjoy !! !


Yeah! Nice work krysalid :slight_smile: very good job :slight_smile: