Modeling damage decals concrete blocks



I’ve been trying to solve a modeling problem. I need to model and texture 20 concrete blocks which will have some damage decals like here:

I’m stacked because I couldn’t find a starting point. Where should I do start and what should I use as a tool?

  1. Should I model them? Or can I do deep and low decals with only using displacement textures?
  2. Should I use Zbrush?
  3. Should I use Substance Painter or Designer?

As far as I understand making complex yet very specific detailed texture is hard with redshift like node systems. So I tried to check zbrush but after model a cracked deep decals I could not use its displacement texture on redshift properly.

Currently I’ve been watching some Substance software videos to learn their functions. But every tool needs efforts and time so I need to get a correct direction first before dive into.

If I need only 1 or 2 blocks it would be easy but I need 20 of them. Every block will be shot as closely so before start to do it I need to find right way and effective technique. Decals have layered typology as you see. Surface and below it first thin layer and after that second layer which is deep and rough. I think this layering issue will be handled on texturing phase and I will need masks to blend them one to another on redhisft.

could you anyone who have experience help me about that please.

thank you.