Modeling complete: Sea Warrior


Hi All,

It is a long time not appear in forums and here I present my latest modeling

It is a finished modeling and will bring it to XSI for texturing and pose, but will still use LW for assisting work like texturing baking.
Previouse WIP can be seen here.


Still no one is interested about it and make a reply.

I am now currently importing models from LW to XSI now and dealing with the render tree. Now I only apply some basic shaders and texturing.

Currently I was feel a bit desperated, as I never thought this place is never be that cold, that I hardly hear something critical to improve myself and nobody notice about it. I am in a difficulty about shifting to another toolsets and attempt to do something breathtaking but it seems going to be failed.

I am not satisfied.


Impressive work…it’s nice to see more than Z-Brushed clay rendered ‘photo-real’ heads on here :wink: Having said that…it’s perhaps the face that is a bit dissapointing. The armour and the rest of his figure is great. But as you said…you are finished modelling. Fair enough. The texturing should be a lot of fun. This character reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano’s work (perhaps best known for his work on Final Fantasy, and your character really remind me of his very early FF work) I suggest you take a look at his incredible and numerous works for texturing inspiration.

Good luck. Keep it coming.


The legs are a bit skinny compared to the upperbody
the rest of the model is great , good job



Thanks for your reply. But I don’t understand about your comment on the character face. Something wrong in the modeling or about the character’s expressions? (yes I have finishing the modeling process but of course I will do some tweaks)

You’ve mentioned about Zbrush, well I would like not to use Zbrush on the character itself, just I would like to use Zbrush on creating environment settings like rocks and water.


I think if I do a character related to the sea environment, everyone will think about “Mermaid”, and the proportions will be more exaggerate chest with slim legs. I am satisfied about the proportion.

Now I am just a beginner of using XSI and this is my first time to use it into my project. If somebody would like to help, like texturing and rigging, I will be appreciate it.

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Despite of what 3D applications that I use, please make a comment of my current texture and color use.

I didn’t work on the bump map yet.

I just want to present art that I done.


I just mean the expression…sorry man, really I meant my post to be very encouraging:love: :smiley:

If he was really making that expression with his mouth, if he was angry or shouting or whatever, you could be pretty much guaranteed his brow would be much more lowered into a scowl. Grab a mirror and act out the facial pose, and draw from it, hope that helps.

Are the decorations on his shoulder platers displacement maps or actual geometry. They are pretty nice. Did you check out the work of Amano like I suggested?



I just want to make it much more clearly about what’s wrong. Actually after you make the first reply, I’ve modified a bit about the face expression. Your reply is really helpful as you’ve give me some direction. (I have done test in front of the mirror, If I make him angry or feeling pain, his eyes will be squeezed into a line and if I make him scream, the eyeblows should be raise up, I didn’t decided yet.)

The decorations are real geomety. Just nowadays I am really shocks of some demoreels that is really complex (NUTS!!!) Originally I expect the fishnet clothing should be done in image map, but later when I see someone’s work…and you know the current one is real geometry.

I think the composition is similar to that:

Thank you for your reference of Amano.

About the texture of the armor I have a little comment that some part of the armor, I would like to mix the color with a bit bubble-like or thin-film effect. not just simple by applying a plain brass texture.


A stupidity drawing…

As a newbie of using XSI, I think I will have difficulty to make this:

I would like to model out the sea and a little island. As modelling is much more easier to control the direction and the flow of the waves instead of doing simulation. The most difficult part should be making foams and white splash. My first idea may be thinking of using the XSI’s hair with object instancing (as a newbies I am thinking too far).

Any suggestions?


Sea update: previsualization with LW render.

It is just simple geometry with procedual bump texture. The orange area is where the wave foams comes out. The orange polys will grow hair and do instancing. I want to be more emphasis on how the water splashes so I want the real thing.

Out of the topic…

Just hope I can have the energy to finish this project as I was depressed about my mother’s sickness (cancer recalled and she is just finish the second chemotherapy.) Just cannot spend too much time on CG than previous days.

Well well well, just thank you for people who give me comments to improve my work, however, I still think about this thread is still cold that cannot hear more opinions from the others, as the internet is my only learning place…


“hairy” sea…and its render tree…

the hairy object will be replaced by another geometry as instance.

Q: how does LW help in order to make this render?
A: Almostly there is no procedual textures applied in XSI (I didn’t covered up that part), two procedual textures are generated in LW thru surface baker, one is the surface bumps and displacement map, and the other one is the water foams. Both textures are generated from surface baker in LW layout, size is 2048 X 2048.

Q: How much do you know about the rendertree? (XSI or LW)
A: Well well well, there is one module that “borrowed” from the others (the fake SSS effect) and all rendertree constructions are by myself. I just playing LEGO inside. The most important thing is to know all attributes of the render models and I think there is no big difference of using XSI or the coming LW9.


The sea becomes fancy…

Do you like it?


Sea complete…

Wave structure is bit like Japanese ink painting… not fully photorealistic but I am satisfied. My theory has work out.


it is the sea that I’ve fine-tuned, with a test of the little piece of land in the center…
Well I was unsatisfied about the result again.

The land is modified in Zbrush and I would like to bring back to XSI with displacement, then I evoked the XSI bug, that I just got very blocky displacement of the polygons. There is a thread talking about the killer bug at the XSI forum in CGTalk now!

In the scene, I cannot raise up the Geometry approximation sub-d value of the land object greater than 4 when render, it crash if exceeds the value.

And about the splash and wave foams, I am hardly to change the geometry instances from one to another, as it crash frequently…the interactive render tool is refuse to render and hang…

Awful experience.



Due to the XSI bug, I have to replace the little island object with the high rez object produced by Zbrush.

Still no one discussed about my WIP of the sea, is it good or is it bad?


Hello Dick,

I am looking at the ocean and I am liking the way the shading is…but the water should be reflecting the sky also, with a little bit of incidence too. I would also suggest lessening the repeats of the displacement of the water too…you know the texture repeats. The rock looks good as well, and I await the results…


The water has reflectivity, as you see the sky color is orange, and at the far distance the water shading is reflecting the orange color, It is controlled by the incidence angle. I didn’t raise the reflection very high as if the reflection is too much, the sea will become oily. And also, the reflectivity is lower to none if there is sea foam generated in the sea, that is white in color.

There’s no repeat of displacement too, the texture is generated from Lightwave, all are procedual shader and bake at 4096*4096.



Sea with rock color shading.

The rock is a mixture of specular and reflection. Critiques welcome.


A swordfish is added to the scene. Yes, some color should be tuned. What do you think about? Is it compatitble to the overall scene as more fish will be added.

Actually, now I need over 1-2 hours to render the scene and always popped up error messages and hang… my computer config is pretty high with P4 2.6GHz with 3G Ram, but still encounter errors. I feel the limits.

I would like to prepare this for the coming CGOverdrive…

You can visit my Blog and leave comments.


I am unable to render

I tried hard to toggle my BSP settings and mesh splitting (0.8), I still encounter system hangs…When I add another fish.

I think my system config is pretty high with P4 2.6 MHz with 3 GB Ram.

May be my scene is quite demanding with lots of hair instance objects, even my fish is full with hair guides to simulate the water splash. (I like the effect about what I achieved but when I attempt to add a second fish, it is just can’t render)

I’ve read some threads in CGTalk that Mental Ray in XSI is weak at hair and displacement

Do you think raise up the memory to 4 GB will help? But I think it is more about the Mental Ray issue, or the hair module issue (It is very hard for me to change object instance in Hair Operator as it shows no effect, or hang).

And about the island, do XSi have bugs that cannot deal with good displacement?