Modeling character accessories on body


I have a question on modeling accessories on a character. Let’s say you have a character with a belt… or shoulder pads… do you model the accessory right into the actual model, or would you keep it separate? I figure the obvious answer would be to keep it separate; however, what are possible ways of going about and making sure the accessory will follow the contour of the body…? I’m working in Maya.




Anybody? :slight_smile: Maybe my question wasn’t clear?


if you want it to be very close to the body, i’d just select the polys (shoulder for example) then shift-move up (that is for 3dsmax, i just mean copy it, and drag it up or wherever), then extrude, then move around the points, that way it will follow the contours


it depends on what you want and just how clean you want your mesh to be personally i would rather have the accessories as separate peices rather then have to worry about keep the underlying mesh clean (because of this addition)


Thanks for the responses…

How do you handle any character deformations? Take a belt for example, if the waist moves or something…?



Try this link - and try the Modeling Joan of Arc Tutorial



i believe if you use a modifier or something like reactor cloth? or simcloth or something you can set the options to not pass through other objects

so if you animate the cloth or belt or whatever as it moves it will not go thru the waist etc

but i’ve never tried it so i dunno


!!@@ that’ sgreat


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