Modeling and Texturing Reel - Composition


Hi everybody,

At school we are finally about to start making our demo reels. In the past I pictured myself doing an animation reel, but as time went by I found out that it just wasn’t what was suited to myself and I’ve crossed the line into doing modeling and texturing. I originally wanted to include rigging but I’m not ready to put rigging in a reel as there is still too much that I don’t know. Hopefully now no one will be confused as to why I’ve stopped doing an animation reel :wink:

The point of this reel is to pass my course. And not just pass, but with flying colors.

My primary weakness is my inability to draw well. I know the fundamentals, but with school work and RL piling up, I just haven’t had the time to practice all year. So my reel needs to work around that.

My idea is simple: A dog, possibly old, possibly a bit… bonkers… Sitting in a old couple’s lounge. My tutor said the dog I modeled and textured was “okay”, but not “awesome”, and for my reel I need something “awesome”.

Below is my first attempt at compositing the shot as well as a screenshot of my original dog, who will probably be replaced if I can ever manage to draw a better one.

What I want from this thread, at this point in time, is, primarily, advice and critique on the composition. I hope to go through a series of images each eliminating the primary flaws in the composition until I (or we!) can reach a final result that will be adequate for a reel, then begin to introduce things such as light, until, around the start of December, the final reel will be produced.

That being said, I don’t expect to have my hand held the entire way, I just want to share my progress and get feedback on it as I go.

I don’t want to show the entire shot in one go, I want to have a few separate shots. But this one I’m working on will be my final shot - the one that sells the image.

Sorry for the long ramble, here are the pictures.


I have redesigned the dog.

Also I have decided I want to evoke some emotion from the audience. I will have the house oldish, becoming run down, maybe a few cobwebs, pale wallpaper. And the dog will be unfed (ribs beginning to show), and look sad/lonely, staring up at the camera (which will probably be a slightttt high angle), with drool on it’s mouth. As shown in the picture above.

Thanks everyone in advance for any help given :slight_smile:


Your model looks interesting. Keep it up!


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