modeling and right click menu ?


I’m considering purchasing XSI 4 Foundation and have a few questions. Running the 30 day trial version - is it possible to put, inset, extrude, loop/ring etc functions into the right-click menu ? also when performing a function this box comes up where you can slide to let’s say put 2 cuts, subdivide etc. anyway you can turn this off and actually do this right on the object like in Cinema 4d/max/LW ?


Nope you can’t and to tell you the truth its annoying me. I think I’ll take my 495 and spend it towards c4d.


it is already on the right click menu , click rmb on the component and it’ll show up all available modelling commands for that.

Its nothing like c4d though , much better in c4d than xsi!


if i didn’t already have xsi, i would certainly get it right now. who knows how long the deal will be on for and when they will up the price again. it’s just too good of an opportunity to miss! good as c4d is, it just doesn’t compare to a real high end peice of software like xsi.


well but is it the right tool for him? , dont listen to hypers like mdme sadie sebek!


i’m not hyping anything, it’s just a really great deal. and then with a user base that includes people like sheep,dave and jaco always on hand to give support and tips, it’s a no brainer.


I have to disagree. XSI’s modeling tools are nowhere near as good as c4d. Why do you think XSI is so cheap now and they’re throwing in dvds? Because they’re scared of c4d.


alt+middle click any edge or poly and it will automatically select the loop.


cool thx guys… one major thing that keeps me away from XSI is texturing… c4d is so easy plus you have all these presets already that come with c4d; maybe a good tutorial that shows how to texture/create materials in XSI would be helpful; it’s pretty simple in c4d to even create materials - diffusion, color, luminance, reflection, bump etc kind of straightforward


xsi texturing really isn’t as daunting as it appears. don’t forget xsi now also has the texture spheres and library (which imo is a great addition finally). for most basic things you just click on the little button to the right of each channel to add in a texture, kinda just like c4d. as for the node network there are a lot of tutorials on this, and i think the turotial dvd’s that come with foundation cover this too. it’s not as scary as it seems at first and it is many many times more powerful than c4d. plus you get a uv editor in there too, which c4d doesn’t have without bodypaint.


how do you access the spheres and the library? i’ll try it when I get home
thanks !


Spheres are under the get menu.

for the library you need to get a pass and check out mapquest.


Per is right, XSI’s texturing is nowhere as hard as people make it to be, especially with the new TLE, but sadly TLE is not in foundation :sad:

texturing by the rendertree is a pain in the ass, and setting up a render takes a team of TDs.

the only reason I use XSI for infact is that TDs like me can only make cash out of a pipeline when tools like XSI, Maya and Houdini are in use, individuals and small studios are way better off with C4D.


have a look in Application->Toolbar menu, there’s Shader presets, and Shaders


hehe, you joker Jaco. of course as you’ll have already found out sebek, rendering is very easy in XSI. while xsi is good for td’s one of it’s strengths is that it’s good for freelancers too. and don’t forget you’ve always got peopel like Jaco on hand to help you out with any probelms here, so like i said before it’s a no brainer right now. i would for sure go for it. it’s great value, i mean the tutorials, Mental Ray! Shave… sheesh, it can’t be beat for this price.


Sadie, foundation doesn’t have shave :frowning:
make hair very difficulty


ah… damn youre’ right. but still it’s a great deal. and he can at least fake fur using xsi’s superior spd handling. of course he never said he needed/wanted hair, so i guess it’s not that important.

and of course if he sold his cinema, and lightwave he could afford to buy essentials which does have hair, and many other great features that are streets ahead of lw & cinema.


essentials doesn’t have hair either.
man it almost looks like you don’t want Sebek to stick to Cinema, that is obviously the perfect app for him…


man i guess i’m just spoilt with Advanced here. hehe. well, it’s fair that i should want to share the love of owning xsi isn’t it?


I was thinking that too jaco.

He sure doesnt sound like the same mdme sadie who goes on and on about how the xsi workflow is horrible , especially the rendertree , at the irc