Modeling Advise


What are some good ways to build modeling techniques? What are some good objects to start with to work my way up to character modeling?


Im new to modeling in max and maya as well, but not in general. I started with a polygon by polygon program called ZModeler. its very easy to learn and master. It really helps to get the feel of modeling objects. But, Max or Maya is much better because of the UI and being able to work in perspective view. I would suggest reading the tutorials that come with the program, or downloading videos from simplymaya, or, there very very good. If you want to ask me questions, my msn is



Well I’m preaty good at using both Bryce 5 and Truspace 3. Mainly truespace though. I was able to model my home speekers using that things suptraction and spline join tools…that’s like 50% of my skills lol. I’m really trying to learn lightwave though.


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