Modeling a braided rope


Hi Guys,

i want to create a rope like in this picture and cant figure it out how to do so :cry:
i dont want to fake it with displacement


could someone help me out here ?

Thank you!


Try 5 spline circles grouped in a null and placed in a linear cloner with rotation and position per step, then use the cloner in a loft. Might need a connect. Step modifier to get the slight dips. Duplicate cloner/loft and change cloner rotation direction, rotate whole cloner to fill in…


This wont replicate your example exaclty, but it could be useful


thanks - i’ve already tried reeper plugin, but sadly its not nearly the same.
the reeper plugin only has 3 options where the single strands run in one direction and there is no real “braid” option


I would model a tileable flat patch first, with sweeps, sinusoid splines and cloners.

Then bend it as a tube, then repeat it along the “rope” axis for as long a you need.