Model warp/conform with open source tools


Let’s suppose you have a model (let’s not limit it to meshes only, it could be a mesh, but I’d also be fine with an implicit curves/CSG model) for example a balcony, and suppose you want to “warp” it along a nonplanar surface (like a cylindrical wall, for example, or even a Bézier wall to make it more flexible).

What open source tools do you know that could do this? I know it can be done with Blender by applying modifiers, but do you know of any other tools? (I love Blender, but I’m choosing the right tool for the task, and I’d like to compare -it could be Blender of course, but first I wish to compare possibilities).

Is there some raytracer (or other type of renderer) that can apply such warp at render time? (I’m asking it because doing it at render time would be better for this scenario I have)