Model & Texture Artists for high-end machinima film


Hi Folks –
I’m looking for modelers and texture artists for the production of a high-end machinima film done in the Half-Life 2 engine.

This machinima film will contain all custom animated characters, thus moreso resembling a traditional software rendered cgi film.

I work with a film group called “G.Worx Pictures,” a long standing group of guys who collaborate on several projects for film, animation, or machinima.

In the machinima realm G.Worx has a proven track record with 3 machinima award nominations at the international machinima film festival, and has been together for over 2 years. I welcome people with a genuine love for gaming, solid commications skills, and the ability to work as part of a team.

Specically, I am looking for modelers who can use our concept art to model the main characters of the film. So, a flare for creating realistic humans is a major asset.

Please drop me a private message or an email for more info.



heh heh. I wouldn’t expect too much of a response. “Machinima” seems to be somewhat of a curse word around here. So thought I’d say “hi” nonetheless.


haha why is it a “curse word”?


Now I’m all curious. Whats wrong with machinima? I personaly can’t wait to see what people will do with these new engines.(doom3, halflife2)


Well, I’ve seen a few machinima posts, including my own (not the most excitement-rousing posts, I’ll admit) and they get ZERO responses. Seems the reason this one’s getting any is because I “called-out” the fact that no one seems to pay attention to it here. (Which is still good, though, at least it’s getting some attention for tfg, a regular on the forums).

I think it’s mainly because of two things:

1 - This forum mostly deals in the highest of the high forms of computer animation. Stuff that’s ILM and Pixar-worthy is what gets the attention here. I never cease to be impressed. Videogame graphics, though, lag a bit behind the curve to what’s being done here generally. You’ll see there’s no forums here for low-poly work, and it’s extremely rare to see a low-poly work displayed. Videogame graphics are advancing faster than any other area, though, so one day this might all change. Normal mapping especially will allow the creation of some amazing low-poly models. Just look at the Unreal Engine 3 demo.

2 - There’s no careers in machinima. So far, other than a very small number of machinima artists like myself, ILL Clan, RvB, and Game On are actually making any money. Actually, being PAID any money is more accurate, since we’re certainly not profiting any…yet. Thus, any help offered to machinima projects has to be volunteered for no pay, just credit.

Now, there are a lot of great 3D artists out there that offer their services for free, usually because they know it could lead somewhere. For low-poly work, you will always find volunteers for game mods. The reason is that working on a game mod can lead to a job in the game industry. Half of Valve’s team is comprised of people from the mod community. I hear Id has also hired a good number of modders. The mod community is one of the two best avenues for gaining access to the game industry.

So far, though, there is no machinima industry, really. Working on a great machinima project for free doesn’t lead to being able to work on a great machinima project for money. At least not yet. There’s a pretty good chunk of us trying to change that, though. So hopefully one day calls for help on machinima productions will be flooded with replies. Until then, I think we’re going to continue to be short on 3D artists.

edit: and of course after writing this I realize “Game Art Design” is sort of like a low-poly forum. :rolleyes:


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