Model poly count reducing help


Hi all,

First, I would like to say sorry for thinking that modeling was an easy job. I have been pounding my head against the keyboard trying to reduce the poly count on these models. :banghead: I am a computer programmer that is trying to build a game.

I have 3 models that I have tried my best to reduce the poly count on. My problem is that they never look the same after. They all seem to rip apart when I attempt to lower the poly count on them. All of the models have over over 100k poly count and it would be nice if I could figure out a way to get them as low as possible and still be in separate parts so I can blow them up.

I have used pro optimizer on all the models that I have in my dropbox folder if you want to see what I am doing. Dropbox

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, old Max version here.
Are they QUADs? Do you have problems with UVs too?



i was going to suggest you doing repoto but seeing your models !

but if i was you i would remodel the lenthy parts (some parts of your models are low poly and good to use)

round things are always heavy (cylinder,wheels) redo them


There’s no automatic way to reduce poly counts without ruining your model. The best way it to retopologize with clean geometry that way you can manage the edge flow and maintain all the details that you need while having a low poly count in areas that don’t need it.


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