Model not scaling uniformly. How do I fix? Details inside.


Inherited this model from a guy who is no longer around. He employed some odd building techniques. I need to scale this device, but when I create a null and add all the parts to the null, then scale the null, different parts scale along different axis.

It’s like some items scale normally, and others only scale along the X axis. It’s quite annoying. I’m attempting to use the “freeze all” button in the Attributes > Coord. panel, and that’s not changing the way this thing scales.

Can I “reset” every piece of geometry’s scale to 1.0, and then force all items to be reset to “Y” up? Much like Maya’s “Freeze Transformations” and “Reset Transformations”?


Mesh > Commands > reset Scale

Click the small cog next to it so you get the extra options and then enable “compensate points”

It sounds like hes invoked all sorts of messed up model scales.


I never noticed that little fella down there. Cool.


That appears to not have changed anything.



Is there a portion of this assemblage that you can upload
that demonstrates this behavior :shrug:


Select your model and push ‘s’ for scale. When you scale the object click and drag the empty background rather than the model nor any of it’s handles :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I cannot upload any of it. :frowning:

It’s super proprietary, and even mentioning what it is can get me fired.

I typically scale using the scale tool and then clocking in the blank area outside of the model and its manipulators.

Sorry if I’m not of much help in resolving the issue, I’m fairly new to C4D.


Okay - this is a solution (sort of). If I copy the entire device from the objects palette and paste it into a new comp, it scales just fine. I have no idea why.

If I copy it from the new comp and paste it back into the original comp, the scale wonkiness returns.


Thanks all,



try to scale it from the coord tab x.y.z


Thank you!


Are you copying it from within a hierarchy and pasting it outside of the hierarchy? Keep in mind that models will inherit scale wonkiness from their parents.


Yeah, I would bet on it being the parent Nulls having weird Scale values in their coords tab.