Model, Jqdd (3D)


Title: Model
Name: Jqdd
Country: China
Software: maya

Have not logged on for years.

It is really good back here again.


This was created in my spare time recently.

Critiques are wellcomed!

Happy Mid-Automn Festival, all chinese!


I think this model is nicely done. It reminds me of Skeletor from Masters of the universe.Welcome back!


spectacular detail on this one, buddy.
i especially love the spikes and the skulls. such attention to detail!!
and i love the design of the cape for some odd reason. it’s kinda simple, but very effective
the only things i’m not really liking all that much are the feet and the fingers. why? because the detail doesnt match the rest of the body.
anyway, i think this is bloody fantastic dude. keep it up!


i was thinking the same thing…yeah its really very good…how long did it take it you dont mind me asking?


Amazing model man ! Really top notch in my book, so clean and smooth I love it. The only thing is that it doesn’t really look like he is holding the staff or whatever you want to call it. Almost looks like it is just floating in his hand like an action figure or something. I’d just wrap his fingers a little more around it. Other than that I think its perfect.


ah raven spawn. awesome


wow!!! great job. I’m waiting for a textures.


Very good without doubt, but that has been said. Two things.

. I was distracted by the skulls on his ankles. I would imagine that the skulls point towards the toes. The skull on his left ankle seems off there.
. The feet seem too ‘rounded’. They dont compliment the angularity of the rest of the model. But thats me.

Great job!


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