Model help..


Please check my Wip thread . I was looking into my character and think I dont really like it very much, would prefere something more “cartoony”, but cos I’m not a modeller at all (built this character from different model parts) I wonder if anyone out there would be kind enough to lend me one of they characters, a stupid like character, someone that is hated even by his own reflection
as gotta be someone out there with a character just like that seating on a forgoten folder waiting to be animated…



why not grab the free cgtalk models?? available at 3d festival i think… plenty of toony characters there.


Free Models from CGTalk/3DFestival I

Free Models from CGTalk/3DFestival II

Free Models from CGTalk/3DFestival III


cheers guys…downloaded those b4, although they’re pretty amusing, i dont see any character that would suit what i’m after, specially cos I need some morph targets and by looking at them I dont know how easy would it be to create new expressions, my modeling skill are pretty bad.
Guess i may have to stick with my old model :shrug:


What is it you need on the model?
What are you unhappy with?

Maybe you could post a screen shot of the model with comments.
If its not all too much I might be able to help.


hi, you can find free models here(and $$)

You need register.

Sorry my english,

Un saludo.


dobermunk-thanks a lot, but I’ve already started rendering it with my old character, guess i have to go with it now, what i didnt like on it was the face (got it from one o the Poser ready made models) and the bulky jacket…guess is to late to go back now…thankx anyway for your reply.
btw, love the stuff in yo website.


All the best, then! Looking forward to seeing the animation!


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