Model disappeared only Rig Showing


Apr 18, 2013

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I have a rigged character model (used rapid rig script) created on a PC using Maya 2012 and the
file size 127MB. I have had no problems opening the file.

I sent the file (via dropbox) to a friend for him to animate. He opened up the file
in Maya 2013 on his mac and only the rig is showing and no model (the model is missing on his end)

Please advise

Thanks in advance


missing from the file or in the render? Perhaps it’s just a matter of just going to the character mesh’s shape node and checking “Render Stats”


So far it’s missing from the file only according to my friend.



This has happened to me. I rigged something in 2013 and people with 2012 can’t find certain meshes.

First thing I’d do is search for all related skinClusters in the hypergraph/shade


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