MoCap with mouse input.



I’d like to animate a camera as if it was an in-game FPS player. Can I somehow use the mouse as a mocap device and drive 2 rotation axis on the camera?


On there´s a script (maybe plugin) called “titan”, it handles mouse input for “MoCap”



there are e.g. 2 scripts on Highend3d, which might help…
however since they have changed their system, giving an direct link seems quite difficult…
so I would suggest you to use the search function and search for these 2 scripts…
Reckey.mel v0.1 By sung -woo Shim…
sds_mousinCapture BETA v0.1 By S.D.Serbos…




Thanks your help!

However, I just installed the 4d mouse maya server to look at the files, and it worked with my intuos mouse straight away!


if you purchase maya 5 killer tips book, in there it talks about recording your mouse moved…i believe its called recordmouse or something like that, it should be in you scripts somewhere in the maya directory.
haven’t tried it myself.


What is the 4d mouse server? Sounds interesting. Also, I’ve been exploring the Device Editor area of Maya 6.0 and am wondering why a capture device couldn’t be a mouse? Could it be a MIDI device? Could it be keyboard mapped triggers? My Device Editor is a very ghosted window, wondering how I can connect my mouse to this? Has this been done?


sorry to bring that thread back…but does anybody understand how to use that damn device editor? because i’m trying to record movement of my pen to rotate the camera but I have no luck getting nothing out of it.
Anyone has manage to use that thing? it’s so cumberstone…really not intuative at all.
really need help one this one.



I’m bumping this topic up since I’m trying to get the Device Editor to work with a Wacom tablet. The wintab device shows up but I can’t get it to work. Has anyone figured this thing out? Thanks!


same trouble here the wintab shows up but no way to use it … cant make the mayaMIDI script from highend work either … :banghead:

update = i couldnt get mayamidi to work but with the commandline “mayamidi -m2 -n mayaMIDI” :bounce: :thumbsup:


can you set up maya to act like a game engine as per if you hold down the forward arrow it doesnt only move the object but also plays an animation.


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